Online Resources

As a group SSN aims to provide support as we each deal with the shock, grief and anger caused when a partner ‘comes out’ as bi, gay or lesbian or is confused about their sexuality. You are not alone. This has happened to each of us in the group and we can share our journeys and help answer any questions you have in dealing with your situation.

information specific to the Straight Spouse

Information for Professionals/Counsellors
What to tell the Kids?
Wendys Recovery Map
Letting Yourself Fall Apart
Experiencing Grief
Mixed Orientation Marriages (MOMs)

Other Online Resources you may find helpful:

Straight Spouse Network Australia
The Straight Spouse Network (USA)
Bonnie Kaye (USA)
South Florida Connects
Straight Partners Anonymous (UK)
Straight forward (Canada)

Books Available At The Auckland Library:

• Buxton, Amity Pierce “The other side of the closet”
• Gochros, Jean Schaar “When husbands come out of the closet”
• Kaye, Bonnie “Straight Wives: Shattered Lives Vol 2”
• Kaye, Bonnie “The Gay Husband Checklist for Women who wonder”
• Cram, Heather "You're What? Survival Strategies for Straight Spouses"
• Greaver, Carol & Bowman, Deborah "When your spouse comes out"

It is a difficult road to take and humiliating but you MUST get your health checked, and if you have children with the gay partner, you will face additional challenges as you help your children deal with this issue.

Whatever your specific circumstances, you are not alone although I am sure it feels very much that way. SSN is here to offer support during this crazy and confusing time. I hope some of this information will help you in your journey and please feel free to contact us.

Source: with gratitude from South Florida Connects